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The Physics of Quasars

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After reading his contribution to "The Universe" Professor Sean Carroll Explained, "we have a very good understanding of particle physics, gravity, and cosmology, considered separately. They even fit together nicely as long as we don't push too far. But at a deep level, they are inconsistent with each other. This means we have to do a better job in constructing a coherent theory of the entire universe.”

The Hypothesis of Fractal and Dark Energy Physics are my attempts at doing a better job. In my physics all elementary particles have mass, particles and mass cannot be considered separately. Cosmology becomes a logical progression, once the fractal nature of creation is considered. In 2014 I began monitoring astronomy news, for dificult to explain high-energy events. It became obvous that quasars were the events I was looking for. The most obvious evidence for my physics is written in the stars, and the quasar should be the ideal subject to demonstrate the proof of dark energy physics.

When developing the Hypothesis of Fractal and Dark Energy Physics, I realised vast amounts of energy trapped inside black holes could be released, I predicted this energy would manifest itself as a quasar. I also predicted the centrifugal force acting on rapidly rotating black holes would form tori, or black tori and the quasars created from black tori could be identified by the jets emanating along their axis of rotation.

The introduction to Fractal Physics on the Troubador website, dated 28/6/2014, included the following prediction.

When the collapse of a supermassive black hole is recorded it will probably be reported that a black hole has disappeared."


On January 6th 2015 the disappearance of quasar SDSSJ1011+5442 was reported in a press release by the Sloan Digital Sky Survey as,

"So how do astronomers explain this unusual apparently disappearing black hole?"

Dark Energy Physics page 26 August 2017. Imagin my suprise when I learned the details of quasars, the quasar meets all the criteria for a slowly collapsing black hole. I then realised that the pair of astrophysical jets emitted along the axis of rotation of black holes are explained, when rapidly rotating black holes form tori.

Messier 77

On February 23rd 2018 Monica Young news editor of the Sky & Telescope, reported details of the torus rotating around the supermassive black hole of Messier 77. NGC1068.

"This is the first reference I have found of a torus intimately associated with a black hole."

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